For 10 years we have been working in the broad realm of architecture and design. Within this decade, we have elaborated a system of co-operation to help all of our projects reflect our Clients' individual dreams and expectations. What we bring bring to the table is first and foremost our enormous engagement, knowledge and creativity, while our interdisciplinary team makes even the most demanding projects possible. Although our workshop is headquartered in Poland, we also carry our projects out abroad. In practical terms, the range of possible co-operation is limitless and depends on our Clients' needs. This co-operation is achieved within a specific design process consisting of six stages.

Our co-operation may include:

  • interior projects for flats and houses
  • interior projects for public places, e.g. restaurants, offices, staircases.
  • architectural projects (including historic buildings)
  • photorealistic visualisations
  • discipline-specific designs
  • home automation designs
  • landscape, garden and terrace designs
  • visual identity designs (for commercial projects)
  • contracting
  • shopping process servicing
  • supervision
  • turnkey projects

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6 project stages

Preference Survey and Interview

This two inititate every project. It is one of the more important stages of co-operation, when we come to know our Clients' needs. With such data we can start working on a concept in line with individual preferences.

Concept Work

At this stage we translate the collected data into concrete architectural solutions. We design the space, add functions, select colours and structures. We keep working on it until the Investor finds the effect satisfying.


At this stage a block-constructed concept project based on the planned functions gains a realistic dimension, so that Clients can take the final decision on the look of the space being designed for them.

Technical Documentation

For a project to see the light of day a whole set of technical documentation needs to be compiled including among others: dimensioning, electricity, water and sewerage, as well as furniture sketches. Depending on the nature of a project we prepare construction and as-built documentation.

Cost Estimates/Shopping List

Alongside the project we list down all the elements needed, their prices and locations where they are available. All construction, discipline-specific and carpenting works are also evaluated. Both the project and the cost estimates include the Client's investment budget.

Supervision / Contracting

The final stage of the project is supervision and contracting. Both services are optional and depend on a Client's needs. In supervision we take care of the entirety of a project, including coordination of construction crews and shopping processes. As part of contracting services we offer collaboration with our team of specialists and turnkey projects.

6 project stages

Interior Design
for Flats and Houses

Every interior means work on making our Clients' dreams and visions come life. It is their desire to realise these imaginations that defines the first step in the project process. The interior we are going to create very often stems evenly from each party's work. A design is nothing but the result of synergy between an architect and a Client or an Investor. Irrespective of a project's scale, our goal is to give it an individual character that remains consistent with the Client's requirements. Our offer includes two types of projects: functional and comprehensive, each modifiable down to the last detail to meet our Clients' expectations.

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Public Interior Designs

For us designing public interiors is a practically unlimited means of expression, and although it still means work on creating a unique space, it significantly differs from private projects. In public interior projects, such as restaurants, offices, customer service points, etc., we cannot merely focus on the Investor's expectations and visions. These are spaces which according to their roles are meant to attract, hold and make one want to come back. They have to be compatible with the brand identity, while being a source of income for Investors. In many cases our co-operation already begins at the stage of selecting premises or spaces. We provide advice creating initial functional concepts with the optimal space arrangement so that Investors can knowingly decide to start their investment.

In public projects we offer:
  • functional (space plans) and comprehensive interior designs
  • kitchen technology designs
  • water and sewerage designs
  • ventilation designs
  • electricity and lighting designs
  • fire protection systems, fire sound warning systems, and fire sprinkler systems
  • coordination of documents with OSH, S.E.S. and fire protection experts
  • change of use and building permits
  • shopping processes service
  • contracting and supervision

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Architectural Design

In our workshop we create unique architectural projects of buildings. We offer to our Clients both the whole projecting process, as well as adapting an already existing project to their expectations. In architectural projects, if need be, we provide documentation and building permits or change of use permits. Our Clients are offered to entrust us with the supervision of their project's contraction.
Projects in our offer:

  • dsingle- and multi-family houses
  • rent-free houses
  • passive houses
  • service and business facilities, including hotels
  • special-purpose facilities, e.g. medical clinics
  • office and production facilities
  • projects in buildings supervised by a conservator of monuments

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Architectural Visualisations

A visualisation is a tale of what is not yet there to let you delight in imagining what it can become. This is why a high-quality visualisation, looking very much like a real photograph, is one of the key stages of comprehensive projects.

To obtain such a visualisation there is no need for you to create the whole project with us. It is perfectly enough that you have your own model and some initial vision - we will create the rest. We make visualisations for individuals as well as Investors or Developers. As part of developer and investor visualisations we create both internal and external spaces, adjusting the whole project to the investment's real landform and location. Considering the media our Clients intend to present their investment in, we choose appropriate quality parameters. For more complex projects virtual walk-through or VR technologies are available.

We create:

  • internal and external visualisations
  • virtual walk-throughs
  • VR

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Design of home
Automation Systems

We offer our Clients a project and home automation installation tailored to their needs and expectations. The heart of the whole system is automatics by WAGO, a German company. It provides us and primarily our Clients with stability and versatility in integration with other systems to create a coherent single one. All detectors and sensors communicate with the system so that you can easily control the lighting, heating, sound system, alarm system, gates, blinds, air-conditioning or irrigation systems. With no effort required of the user, the system takes care of many daily routines without forgetting about safety and energy-efficiency. To manage their house and its parameters with ease Clients receive a tailored-made application, which gives us a fresh and imaginative edge when compared to our competitors.

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Landscape Design
Gardens and Terraces

Our projects would not be complete without places for relaxation and respite. This is precisely the role of greenery around us. Designing gardens and terraces is one of the more enjoyable tasks. Gardens and terraces, usually meant to crown a given project, could very well determine the overall impression a space makes if absent. Landscape design follows the same principles as interior or house designs. It consists of six project stages to create a surrounding consistent with a Client's profile, one that will not overwhelm but rather complement the space, one that will not become a prison for its owners requiring of our Clients the care and attention they may not necessarily have time for.

In commercial projects, the most frequent form of landscape design are gardens, of summer and winter types.

Our Clients are offered supervision and contracting services, meaning turnkey greenery projects.

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Supervision services guarantee to our Clients that the design we have created and they have accepted, will see the light of day just as it was arranged at the design stage. Our architect alongside the project manager remain in permanent contact with particular service providers and at the site of investment monitor the progress of works, thanks to which we are able to spot any deviations or inaccuracies. One of the key supervisory tasks is making sure the works follow the fixed schedule. Supervision may be carried out either in co-operation with a Client's contractors or those recommended by our office.

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Our Clients can benefit from our knowledge of the market and the companies and suppliers our office has co-operated with, and thus can recommend. To all Clients entrusting us with contracting we appoint a coordinator, responsible for the completion of all the stages of the project as well as finding the best contractors and offers. Coordinators are in permanent contact with Clients, updating them on the progress of works. This solution is recommended to those expecting the highest quality of service within specific time limits and on pre-agreed conditions.

Within the framework of contracting our office can prefinance some or all the costs of a project, providing full financial liquidity without the need to await payments from a Client.

We have experience in design works, documentation, cost estimates and contracting in buildings supervised by a conservator of monuments, as well as in procedures required by the Real Estate Office.

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Cost estimates and shopping sservicing

All of our projects are priced. The pricing may be carried out independently by an Investor or elaborated by our office. The pricing of a project may serve various purposes, according to the investment's sources of funds or implementation stage. In comprehensive projects, it constitutes one of the design stages and any calculations it contains are already taken into consideration at the conceptual stage. By elaborating professional pricings we confirm the real investment-related costs (at the design stage), right before the start of an investment, or we estimate the costs for the needs of obtaining sources of funding (the pre-design stage). It is one of the last stages when any amendments can be introduced to the investment budget. The cost estimates cover all project-related costs, including building materials, renovation and construction works, carpenting, etc. A shopping list complements a cost estimate. It is a document listing all the products used in the project, with their prices and recommendations of where these products can be obtained. In turnkey and supervisory projects these documents are regularly updated so that Clients can fully monitor the level of budget execution.

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Turnkey Projects

This is the most comprehensive and advanced form of co-operation between an Investor and our workshop. Designed for both private and business clients, it covers a whole package of services related to designing, supervision and contracting. In this option, our workshop takes full responsibility for the execution of a project so that our Clients can commit themselves to their duties and passions. The ultimate range of co-operation is negotiable. Regardless of its character, for Clients it remains the most convenient way to have their projects completed.

According to the kind of investment and within budget, we:

  • prepare architectural designs and interior designs
  • prepare technical documentation
  • obtain permits
  • estimate costs
  • choose service- and product-providers
  • supervise all the works
  • prepare necessary as-built documentation
  • account the whole investment

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Visual Identification designs

Visual identification is an essential element of any business enterprise. Having in mind commercial projects aimed at a broader audience, e.g. restaurants, cafés or shops, we offer not only an architectural concept but a complete visual identification. By commissioning us to execute their projects also in this respect Clients can not only focus on keeping an eye on the financial or managerial aspects of their project, but also be sure of receiving a concept coherent both in terms of space and communication.

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